Master Paul OBrien

Club Chairman, Chief Instructor

5th Dan

Mobile: 07886989571

Taekwondo Career
• 1979 Commenced training with Cumbria TKD, ITF Master Philip James
• 1981 Formed own club (Instructor left me with 12 students,  me 6th Kup)
• 1984 Changed to WTF (Grand Master TW Shin,  Member of UTA Executive Committee for 10 yrs & Chief  Instructor to “ The Liverpool Taekwondo Club”.  Introduced WTF to Liverpool 1985, 17 Black Belts in 16 yrs
• Relocated to East Sussex, Chief Instructor est for 4 yrs
• Relocated to Sri Lanka for 1.5 yrs, became National Team Coach for Asian Games in Bangkok. Superceeded by Master Kisu Lee,  current coach / chief instructor
• Relocated to Sweden, trained with national team coach: Master Chago Rodriguez Segura
• 3rd and 4th Dan under Swedish Taekwondo Board
• Returned to UK, trained with Millenium Taekwondo
• Joined Cheshire Academy in 2009 ( 20 students , now over 70)
• Achieved Master Status 5th Dan in Aug 2011.
• National Class 1 Referee
• Other arts studied Ju Juitsu, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Archery